Our Outreaches

Availability of Insight to Freedom Materials
This ministry is financed by donations and the sale of materials. However, if you cannot afford to purchase the materials you need, you are permitted to copy them. The materials are protected by copyright law and are not to be used for commercial purposes, nor are they to be altered in any manner whatsoever.

The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar
A 13 hour in-depth study into twelve Ways of God learned by John and Donna and in which Ways of God they walked out of $6,500,000 in debt over a 12 year period.

Insight to Freedom Men's Conferences
We purpose to conduct these Conferences in cities where groups of men have been through the ITF Basic Seminar and want to learn more of God and how to practically walk it out in all of their lives. The topic for each Conference is sought out in prayer, and the Spirit of God has been quite present in each Conference.

The Love Equation Marriage Seminar
A 6 hour in-depth study into marriage, reconciliation, divorce, and remarriage. John and Donna learned these principles while counseling hundreds of troubled marriages over a fifteen year period.

Decisions by The Book
A 328 page decision reference manual, with a 24 page single spaced cross-reference Index, addressing how to make scripturally based decisions in a multitude of everyday practical situations in the family, church, government & marketplace. Decisions by The Book is truly appreciated, especially by business people.

Walking in the Kingdom of God
A 15 hour series to reinforce and deepen your practical and spiritual insight into the Ways of God as taught in The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar, The Love Equation Marriage Seminar and Decisions By The Book.

ITF 2010
Many who have been set free by the "insight" they have learned through ITF are now serving as ITF Seminar Leaders, and are teaching the 13 hr. ITF Basic Seminar to others via video and small group discussions. These men and women Seminar Leaders are using these small group seminar settings to impart the Spirit of Christ that is in them, into others. Then it is incumbent upon these others to reproduce the Spirit of Christ within themselves, and impart that Spirit of Christ even in others.

Truly, lives are being changed in these Seminars as witnessed by people being offered hope, marriages restored, others seeing their way out of debt, and most of all, people coming closer to God and enjoying the peace of God - often in the midst of adversity.

The ITF 2010 outreach is conducted in small group settings by those persons serving as ITF Seminar Leaders whose lives have been changed by The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar. The purpose of ITF 2010 is to impart to, and reproduce in others, the insight these Seminar Leaders learned when they attended The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar.

In two short years, ITF 2010 has proven to be quite effective. Lives have been changed: debt is being reduced; troubled marriages are becoming stable; businesses are moving toward being operated in a Godly manner; businessmen are looking at their pastors in a new light; and, other benefits are becoming known day by day. These results are living proof that the insight into the Word related in The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar is effectively being imparted into the lives of others. Now, those others are going forth and impart that insight into even others - and so on.

ITF has prepared a Seminar Leader’s Handbook, and Materials Packet, to provide the information and materials needed by these Seminar Leaders to conduct their small group meetings in homes, restaurants, businesses, country clubs, Sunday school classes, cell group meetings, adult sessions, men’s groups, etc. The seminar sessions are 90 minutes (60 min. in viewing the ITF Basic Seminar Videos and 30 min. in discussion). Some Sunday School and other groups limit the sessions to 60 minutes (30 minutes of video and 30 minutes of discussion).