The Love Equation (CD set)

Love Equation
$45.00 each


A 6 hour in-depth study into marriage, reconciliation, divorce, and remarriage. John and Donna learned these principles while counseling hundreds of troubled marriages over a period of many years.


These Principles Include:

  • The Creation of Marriage

  • Marriage Belong to God - Not Man

  • Marriage Does Not Create Problems

  • The Key Question In Solving All

  • Husband and Wife Problems

  • Loving Our Mate Where They Are

  • God's Desire For People In Their Second

  • Or Later Marriage

  • And Several Other Topics

Following are excerpts from letters received from people who have either attended an Insight to Freedom seminar or listened to the tapes available on this teaching:

"As an attorney, I have used the Love Equation tapes in counseling people going through or considering divorce. Every time the parties have listened to and actively applied th life-changing principals taught by John Deal, we have seen reconciliation in the marriage and even termination of divorce proceedings. These rules help troubled couples give God room to work in their marriage, and the results are nothing less than miraculous." Tim Fisher, Tulsa, OK

"For us, Love Equation was the springboard to learning to walk in true covenant relationship."
Sam and Ro Ianacone, Rochester, NY