Love Equation Seminar - Audio

A 6 hour in-depth study into marriage, reconciliation, divorce, and remarriage. John and Donna learned these principles while counseling hundreds of troubled marriages over a period of many years.


These Principles Include:

  • The Creation of Marriage

  • Marriage Belong to God - Not Man

  • Marriage Does Not Create Problems

  • The Key Question In Solving All

  • Husband and Wife Problems

  • Loving Our Mate Where They Are

  • God's Desire For People In Their Second

  • Or Later Marriage

  • And Several Other Topics

Download Name Play Size Length
download 01_The_Key_Question_in_Solving_Marital_Problems

19.2 MB min
download 02_Problems_v_Symptoms_love_your_mate_where_they_are

15.8 MB min
download 03_Pride

14.8 MB min
download 04_Pain_of_divorce_from_divorce_to_Restoration

16 MB min