About Us

Our Beginnings


The ministry of Insight to Freedom initially grew out of the experiences of John & Donna Deal as they walked a 12 year journey out of a $6.5 million debt in 1974 thru 1986. During that 12 years John & Donna continually searched God’s Word for the answers to why they, as practicing Christians, were in so much financial trouble while trying to live in a Godly manner. As they constantly searched and walked out the Word, they began to learn the ...insight... that led them out of this debt with a marriage stronger than they had before incurring the debt.

Our Scriptural Foundation

Prov. 9:10 tells us that many well intending Christians, due to a lack of this ...insight..., do not know how to walk with God and are living a sinful Babylonian (worldly) lifestyle. That is why God has issued a call to these Christians to ...Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (Rev.18:4).

The Purpose of ITF

ITF is committed to do its part in fulfilling Rev. 18:4 by imparting this ...insight... into Christians and guiding them into reproducing it in themselves in their everyday walk in life. Then they will know how to walk through life free of the Babylonian entanglements of pride, debt, divorce, improperly structured businesses and church governments, etc. that result from Christians not knowing how to walk with God.

The Results

The continuing process of impartation and reproduction of this ..insight... in others is now being fulfilled thru ITF 2010 and the other outreaches of Insight to Freedom. The result is that thousands of Christians are now walking with God, free of Babylonian entanglements - And that is what Insight To Freedom is all about.