Decisions by the Book Information

This book contains over 300 topical illustrations including prayer, family, church government, ministry, finances, debt, business matters, marketing, employee relations, ethics, giving, submission, wisdom, fear, depression, and many others.

The purpose of this 352 page book, with a 28 page single spaced cross-index, is to illustrate the wisdon of God found in the Bible for your everyday decisions making process.

God did not write the Bible because He had nothing else to do; He wrote it to tell us how to live each day. Use this book to learn how to take advantage of His wisdom in your everyday decision making process in your home, church, government, and workplace.

"Decisions By The Book has brought clarity to my everyday personal and business life. I keep it with me everywhere I go, right next to my Bible."    DG

"Decisions By The Book has been an invaluable resource to help me in making decisions regarding
most business and personal issues I face. It helps direct me to the Word of God and appropriate
scriptures to keep me on course
."    BR

The Book can be ordered online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.



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