The Mission of the Men of ITF

The Mission of the men in Insight to Freedom is to lead Christian men, from all walks of life, out of their Babylonian ways and into the kingdom of God in all areas of their everday lives (Rev. 18:4).

To fulfill our Mission, we must first teach these men the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God from His Word. Then from that foundation, we must continually encourage these men to recognize and repent for the sins they are embracing. If they will, then by the power of God's Word and our life's example, we will lead them into the kingdom of God.

In the process of fulfilling our Mission, we must recognize that God may at times create a spiritual father-son relationship between us and some of the men we are leading, and at other times not. (Sometimes God intends that we merely make a spiritual deposit into the life of another.) Therefore, we need to continually seek the wisdom of God in our recognition, understanding and fulfillment of the spiritual father-son relationship. In any event, in both circumstances the kingdom of God has advanced, and we have simply been obedient servants.

We must never forget that all of our spiritual sons' successes are the direct result of God's love for man, and we are only a willing vehicle. Our Mission will be accomplished when our spiritual sons' maturity in Christ exceeds what our maturity was when we were their age.